As we emerge from the depths of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are running some of our face to face groups and meetings as well as maintaining some of our on-line activity.

We are continuing to post information to our members weekly and further guidance about resources and information specifically relevant to autistic adults is being collated by the Sheffield Autistic Society and can be found here.

There is also information on the NAS website that may be helpful and that can be found here

Our A Team Social Group for adults is being run partly face-to-face and partly online. Currently from September 21 we are running:

  • a monthly gathering at the pub,
  • a weekly keep fit session online,
  • a monthly social group online,             
  • monthly discussion group – online 
  • monthly book group online
  • a monthly walk
  • a monthly picnic
  • a photography group, online and face to face
  • A weekly email bulletin.

We are also running some one-off specific face to face events:

Craft sessions, women’s health course, cycling trips, Day trip, climbing trips, swimming trips

  • A Team members can also join our closed Facebook group which is currently very active.

If you would like to join the A Team at this time, please contact:           

Sylvia Johnson

SAPAG has resumed quarterly meetings on-line.  If you would like to join SAPAG at this time, please contact:       

                                                                                                           Judith Birkett        

Sheffield Physical Health Group, Move More, South Yorkshire Community Foundation  and the Talbot Trusts have generously funded our activity for the next period. We have also secured funding in a joint bid with ACCT to Awards for All to help us support all our adults and families as people emerge from the depths of the pandemic. We are very grateful for their support.