In February, several members learned how to do lino printing with some great results!


2022 started with an exploration of the green spaces in Rotherham, a walk organised by one of our members.



For our final event in December 2021 we had a familiar trip up the Porter Valley and a few of us visited the Alpaca farm.



In December we had a climbing taster session and hope to start regular climbing next year.

thumbnail_IMG_20211209_153253thumbnail_IMG_20211209_142759 (1)thumbnail_IMG_20211209_144438

This December we were able to have a Christmas Party, which was kindly sponsored by the Talbot Trusts. It was good to be able to do this again having had to abandon our party in 2020.


In November our monthly walk took us to Bamford in the Peak District and a walk from there up to Ladybower Reservoir and back




 Some of us went to Rother Valley to either walk or go cycling in October. 



In October 2021, members went to the pottery to get creative

21 Oct 421 Oct 1

21 Oct 6 (2)21 Oct 3

21 Oct 5


September saw a picnic in Weston Park and a walk from Malin Bridge to Low Bradfield and then on to Our Cow Molly’s for an afternoon ice-cream – a walk that Isabel organised.

DSC_1280DSC_1276 (2)



We had our annual Day Trip in September and about 30 of us went to Bridlington for the day and had a great time.

21Brid 121 Brid 1521 Brid 1021 Brid 1121 Brid 1321 Brid 821 Brid 421 Brid 321 Brid 1221 Brid 2

Over the summer a small photography group has been meeting on line with Pete Sacker to share tips and learn how to make best use of our cameras and phones. We have made two trips, one to the botanical gardens and one to the canal so far.

DSC_1140 DSC_1132 DSC_1114 DSC_1117  DSC_1210 DSC_1228


Toby organised a walk to the Dragon’s Den at Wharncliffe Edge. Despite the forecast for thunderstorms we only caught a bit of rain on the way back ! The lunch time view from the top of the Dragon’s Den was worth it!

DSC_1236  DSC_1237  DSC_1238  DSC_1240  DSC_1241  DSC_1242  DSC_1243

August 21 saw a picnic in Millhouses Park

Mill9    Mill8  Mill7    Mill6  Mill5    Mill1  Mill3

In July Daniel organised a long walk from Rotherham to Elsecar Heritage Centre and the hardy walkers took part!

DSC_1071  DSC_1074 (2)  DSC_1079  DSC_1080  DSC_1078    DSC_1081   

We had a picnic at Graves Park in July and celebrated a birthday!

DSC_1087    DSC_1086           

DSC_1085  DSC_1083 DSC_1082

Members continued to engage in craft activities during the spring and a sample of their work is shown below

Juliette  Nickpebbles

TobyA  ZoePP


Our June walk was a day out at Chatsworth. Heavy rain was predicted but in fact we had a dry, and at times sunny, day!







In May 2021 we had a circular walk from Grindleford station

thumbnail_IMG_8907 thumbnail_IMG_8905

thumbnail_IMG_8903  thumbnail_IMG_8900

Our first picnic of 2021 was at the Botanical Gardens in April

picnicBG6picnicBG5picnicBG3picnicBG2picnic BG4Picnic BG1picnic BG6

We had our first walk of 2021 in April along the Rivelin Valley and up to Bell Hagg


Our second drawing course generated lots of focussed pictures:

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2021 has started with another lockdown, but members are keeping in contact and participating in various activities.


One of our members, Zoe, has set a photochallenge where members submit photos on a theme, with a different theme each day.

Here are some of the results:




That’s Unusual

Regular Activities for 2021

Many have volunteered to lead our fortnightly quiz, with a wide range of topics chosen and some impressive IT skills on display.

We have also had suggestions for new activities and have started a monthly discussion group led by Nichole Sirous, a Book Group and a Board Games Group.

Our Yoga Group continues weekly, to help people maintain exercise and reduce anxiety and we have started a weekly Keep Fit session.

Our drawing group restarted in February following the impressive results from the last course, some of which are shown below:


2020 was the first year of the Covid Pandemic and we had to move most of our activity on-line, although we resumed our walking group once it was permitted.

Through the year our Craft Group has continued to be busy creating a different craft each month.

Here are some of the more recent ones:

In December, we had our last socially distanced walk of the year to help people stay calm and hopefully improve their mental health. We went to Beauchief Park and on up to Graves Park and back.


During the autumn, we ran an on-line drawing group, led by Roisin Martindale.

Here are some of the things people drew during the sessions



During November some members went on a socially distanced walk/picnic up the Porter Valley


Members have designed Christmas Cards

B I and K were voted the favourite three and made into packs of cards.

A    B 



G     H 

I      J

K    L 


   N        O 





We continued with a picnic in October at Weston Park in Sheffield

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and a walk along the Norfolk Park Heritage Trail, starting at Sheffield Train Station

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In September we published our Calendar and Poetry Booklet


Walk from Hathersage in September 2020

Starting from Hathersage station, we walked up through Hathersage to Stanage Edge and then back down in a loop, past a vineyard, into Hathersage, ending up at the Tea Rooms for some well earned covid-secure refreshment.


We have started walks and picnics again now that we are allowed to meet outside in small groups

Some of the keen walkers did a 10 mile walk from Elsecar in August, organised by Daniel. We saw an amazing amount of wild fruit on the way, including wonderful sloes. We also came across this stone structure called the Eye of the Needle. It was constructed approximately in the mid-late 18th century and believed to have been made in order to win a wager, where the second Marquess of Rockingham claimed he was able to “drive a coach and horses through an eye of a needle“, which when it was built, he could!!



Walk up the Loxley Valley and back down the Rivelin Valley on a very hot day in August 2020

In August we were fortunate to secure some funding from the National Lottery Community                                                                      Fund to help fund our activities between August 2020 and February 2021


Circular walk from Hope Station up Win Hill, July 2020 (sadly we didn’t see the vulture!)

– entertained for a coffee and a loo!

Picnics in Sheffield



Photographs for our Calendar 2021 which members have taken during lockdown in Spring 2020

1  2  3  4 5 

6 7  8  9     

10  11  12 13   

14  15   16 17 

 18 19  20  21

 22 23   24 25   

26 27   28 29   

30 31   32 33   

34 35   36 37   

38 39  40 41   

42 43   44 45   

46 47  48 49  50 

51  52 53  54 55  56

57  58 59  60 61  62

63   64 65  66 67  68 

69   70 71 72 73             

74 75  76 77  


During our on-line sessions, members have participated in many different activities including:

a weekly quiz, each week devised by a different member of the group. 

and a weekly social activity.

During the social activity we have played games, made face masks…


….done a wide range of origami…



…made blackbirds…


….written Haiku poetry about Isolation and about Friends….


…. completed paintings without paint but using tissue paper



During the Covid-19 lockdown, some people have been part of the ongoing Craft Group, with Craft packs being posted out to individuals.

Some of their results are shown below:

   Easter Crafts        Bead bug Mobiles




Lollipop Letters



Sand Art



Fabric Painted Shopping Bags




Bird Feeders


Some members took part in a ‘Grow a Sunflower’ challenge.

Here are some of their pictures.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we have been fortunate to receive funding from the Clinical Commissioning Group and from South Yorkshire Community Foundation to continue our activities remotely. This has made a huge difference to our ability to continue to operate a wide range of social activities.



At the end of November 2019 we held our annual Christmas Craft event, making chocolates, gift boxes, candle holders and baubles.


On a wet and misty November Sunday we set out to do a circular walk from Hope, through Castleton and back to Hope.

The train was cancelled and it was raining so we caught the bus to Castleton and spent the day there, visiting either the Castle or the Caves.

We also went to see the Christmas Tree Exhibition in the local church  (Supported by BOOST)


Walk from Stocksbridge to High Bradfield in the rain! October 2019 (Supported by BOOST)


Origami Craft Evening October 2019

Walk from Chinley to Edale (10 miles!) September 2019 (Supported by BOOST)

A Gentle walk up the Porter Valley July 2019


Walk from Treeton to Kiveton through Rother Valley Country Park June 2019 (Supported by BOOST)

Bowling and meal out April 2019

Walk to Elsecar April 2019 (Supported by BOOST)

Our new Yoga Group February 2019  (Supported by BOOST)

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Walk around the Chatsworth Estate in the sunny warm February weather 2019 (Supported by BOOST)

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In January 2019 our first walk was organised by Daniel Pallordet and took us to Kiveton Bridge. We did a circular walk and then had Sunday lunch! (Supported by BOOST)




At the end of 2018 we took the train to Penistone and walked the Pen-Den Trail to Denby Dale then caught the train back to Sheffield. (Supported by BOOST) 

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Our Christmas Pizza Party December 2018

Christmas Craft Activities November 2018

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Isabel Ginty took us up Derwent Edge in October 2018


Chris Grewster took us up Mam Tor one evening in September 2018


Walk from Rotherham to Wentworth and back, organised by Daniel. June 2018

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Trip to the bowling alley and a meal afterwards – May 2018


Longer walk – Edale Valley and Jacob’s Ladder – May 2018

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Easter Craft – Making vases, baskets and sewing cards

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                                      2017 and earlier


Board Games 2017: Members spent and afternoon at a local board games café



Christmas Party 2016

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Craft Events 2016 and 2017: Craft activities around Easter and Christmas time

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Yoga: Members had a yoga taster session at a local Yoga Centre

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Cooking : Members met at a local Community Centre and learned how to make Pizza. Then everyone cooked and ate their pizza together.

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Snooker : Members playing snooker at Riley’s Snooker Club

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Walking : Members out on walks in the local area

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World Autism Day 2016: Members mounted an exhibition in Sheffield City Centre

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